LH 2.4 Tq and Load

This page contains parameters that relate to Tq output to EZK and load calculation.


'Load' is probably better explained as 'Fuel Sytstem Load'. It represents the

LH calculates load based on engine speed, AMM reading, and constants in the LH programming. It is not strictly defined by AMM reading. In LH, load is scaled linearly from 0-255, representing a load of 0-100%.

Load calculation

The exact calculation for determining load is unknown. Enough testing has been done to have a 'pretty good' idea about how things work though.

  • As Air mass increases, Load increases
  • As RPM increases, Load decreases
  • As Injector constants increase, Load decreases

Constants that affect Load



"Tq" is a signal sent from the LH (fuel) computer to the EZK (ignition) computer. It directly correlates to calculated load. While the engine is running, the ignition computer will use the Tq signal to determine the appropriate timing for the current load level.

Constants that affect Tq


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