Not much to say here yet, this is obviously a work in progress. A couple new basic XDF's have been uploaded to the ezk section to facilitate some basic tuning.

The Basics

Main on-load tables have been found for the 146/148/169/207/208/219 ROMs.

When editing EZK ROMS, you must keep in mind that ALL tables in the EZK are duplicated four times(in most circumstances). Only one set is actually used. When in doubt, duplicate your changes to all copies of the tables. Read the 'ROM Layout' section below for details.

The table in use is determined by the two resistor positions in this picture.
Most EZK's either use the third or fourth table.

ezk table selector

Idle timing

Idle timing is FIXED while the throttle switch is closed. No amount of tinkering with the timing table will change it, it is controlled separately.

ROM Layout

The EZK software is 8k in size. On non-chippable EZK units, the software lives inside the CPU. On chippable EZK units, the software is stored in a 32k EEPROM.

For reasons we don't fully understand, the EZK software is duplicated four times on the EEPROM(on the NA 146 EZK it only has the software duplicated twice, in the 3rd and 4th sections).

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