EEPROM Burners

'Willem' Programmer

These require a parallel port, and some slightly obtuse software. They can usually be had for cheap and work fine however.

TOP853 Programmer

USB, but lacks drivers for x64. Works OK most of the time, but needs to be reset periodically.

beepee says:
It does work. The software suck-zillas. Only really works on Windows XP 32 bit.

One issue you may have is related to the "Go" button in the lower left corner of the TOP software. Occasionally this button will just crash the program (with an 'OK' dialog box in Chinese). The workaround is to not use the "Go" button, but instead perform each of the operations manually.

1. Select EEPROM type
2. Erase EEPROM
3. Load BIN
4. Write to EEPROM
5. Verify


If you use the toolbar at the top of the program to do each of these in sequence, it works 60% of the time, every time. Good luck!

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