News:Aug 2021

The wiki server has been upgraded and got own subdomain name under the main ipdown.net. Check it out and report if something does not work. Enjoy!

News:Dec 2018

Lots of effort put into disassembly of EZK and that resulting in two basic XDF's that cover most EZK bin's for Volvo LH 2.4
During 2018 there have been good communication with a former Volvo development engineer and several myths and other lore regarding EZK and LH has been busted.

Feel free to download the latest XDF,s and send comments to the e-mail found inside the XDF,s regarding any issues found when using them.

We are looking forward to a good and productive year in 2019.

Team Jetronic.info

News:Dec 2013

I got tired of the ever increasing amount of spam registrations.
For now the registration option is disabled.
If you, or you want to help your friend to register please drop me an e-mail at mrjaybeeze
"at" hotmail.com
please include e-mail, wanted username and password
(password can be changed after first login)

Working on getting the site up and running again.
Beepee has left the building and handed over the site to "the future generation" :-)
IpDown is hosting the site and I am trying to keep up with the maintenance of things.

Unfortunately the site has suffered a crash and most of the files where corrupted.
I am slowly trying to replace all corrupted files with fresh ones.

The site will remain unadvertised until further notice.
All BIN files are mainly sourced on public domain (internet)so use with caution !!!!



Welcome to jetronic.info! The goal of this site is to document all avaliable knowledge related to the Bosch LH-Jetronic systems. The authors of the site will primarily focus on LH 2.4 in Volvos, but documentation for LH 2.2 and LH2.3 in Volvos, Saabs and Porsche are welcome!

To start, use the menu on the left.

Important Note!

This site is a work-in-progress. If you see a 'Page not found' error, it is because the page doesn't exist (hasn't been written) yet!

New User Registration

We need help! Several large areas still need to be completed. If contributors can write up their experiences, tips, and ideas, it will make this site much more fufilling. If you can add to an article, do so. If you have an idea for a new page, create it. If you have created a new page and need it linked in the main menu, let me know via the forums. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

Important Note:

All BIN files are mainly sourced on public domain (internet)so use with caution !!!!
This wiki and all pages, information, images, and other objects are a WORK IN PROGRESS and may not be accurate. In fact, some of it is SPECULATION and may be TOTALLY INCORRECT. Use with care, and at your own risk!.

That said, if you believe you can improve the information posted here, do so! wink


Along with original research, much of this data was compiled from various websites including but not limited to:

Stoni's Volvo World
ECUProject.com's 'Volvo LH Systems' Forum
IpDown's stuff
...and many others.

If you have someone to add to this list let me know!! smile

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